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The KingOne AVENGER 9500LBS, was recently rated as the No.1 winch in Australia, in their Battle of the Winches. All winches has waterproof ratings. 

Using a rotating ring gear, means the gears are ALWAYS set ready to run which eliminates any final drive gear meshing that may occur as per a sliding cluch type winch. The easy turn freespool lever drops and retracts a huge 18mm pin into one of the eight provisions around the ring gear. A ring gear also makes freespooling an absolute breeze.

All Kingone winches use machined gears (not punched) and are made from alloy steel for greater hardness, wear capabilities and its high corrosion resistance, they are also pressed together in the housing for much greater strength.

The external brake is a postive double tapered cone brake so the more pressure that is applied to the cable the tighter the brake is applied, this is very reassuring when you are on a steep incline. This is what makes our winch rope friendly as there is no heat build up in the drum like in-the-drum brake type winches. All the features you have ever wanted in a winch are now in 1 box. This winch includes a Synthetic Rope.

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