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Quadratecs Maximum Duty Coil Spring Suspension Kits add an additional 2-1/2 of suspension and an excellent choice for fitting up to 32 tall tires. These premium kits replace your four factory length coil springs with our longer Maximum Duty Coils. Our coil springs begin with premium steel alloy material to ensure consistency and are preset to add memory and eliminate settling. Each spring CNC wound and then load tested to certify consistency through the springs complete travel cycle. Our progressive rate coil spring are engineered to be within 10% of the factory rates with all the vigorous off-road handling capabilities while maintaining the smooth factory-like characteristics. Coil springs are easy to install with simple hand tools and do not require a spring compressor. The 2-1/2 Coil Spring kits include four Quadratec exclusive shock absorbers to help maximize both the street performance and off road capabilities. These complete kits are available with your choice of Hydro 7.0 or Nitro 8.0 shock absorbers and come complete with all the necessary hardware and brackets to retain proper vehicle alignment. Fully detailed installation instructions included. R16900 supplied

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